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We also offer a "liquid program" production of hydrated mixtures, oils and gels in liquid form, so-called "shots".

The main benefits of products in liquid form are absorbability, digestibility and excellent utilization by the body. 

We offer a wide range of top quality ingredients (stimulants, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals...),

which we prepare for you in practical bottles in a variety of flavours.

The possible high concentration of active ingredients will ensure an immediate/quick and noticeable effect that your customers will love and seek out again and again. 


Will we be preparing something to stimulate, concentrate or, conversely, calm down?

Or will we work on a better physique ? Encourage weight loss, muscle gain or beautiful skin ?

We should  also certainly not forget about strong immunity and healthy joints.

Simply choose your goal and we will suggest the optimal formulation for your liquid product.

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