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Leave it to us

Developing new products with the application of new raw materials is our hobby.

Don't be afraid to approach us with a new product idea.

Together we will surely find a way to turn the idea into a successful and popular product for your customers.

How to do it ?

first, we choose the appropriate form of cooperation.

White label

Private label

f you are interested in establishing a white-label cooperation, we have many recipes and flavours from which you can choose the ideal combinations for the product you will subsequently sell under your brand.

The advantage of this type of collaboration is that there is no longer any need for product development and the process of launching the product is therefore faster and less costly.


However, keep in mind that this product is also available for other brands to choose from and so will not be completely unique to your brand.

In this case, we will develop and produce a completely unique product for your brand. All the specification will come from your side and you will have full authority over the customisation of the product (within production capabilities).


The advantage is that you have complete control over the taste and appearance of your product.


However, this is a longer and more financially demanding project than the white-label collaboration mentioned above.


For you and your customers

  • In the initial phase of our cooperation, we will discuss all these issues together:
    Who is the target group ? Are we creating a ReadyToEat version or an express blend for quick preparation by the customer ? What needs does the product have to satisfy ? What will be the nutritional requirements in terms of macronutrients ? Will we fortify with vitamins or minerals ? Will we fortify with functional substances ? Are we creating a food, a food supplement or a food for special nutrition ? What should be the taste, what should be the flavours ? What is the consistency ? What allergens do we want to avoid ? Should the product be for vegans or vegetarians ? What kind of shelf life do we need ? Are there any ingredients that you would specifically like to have in the mix ? Are there ingredients that you definitely don't want in the mix ? What is the sales model ? What is the expected production volume ? Would continuous or one-off production be preferable ? What packaging would best suit your product ? Will you design the packaging yourself or will we work on it together ? How will distribution be handled ? What kind of packaging will we distribute in ? Are you considering an external warehouse and service ?

​​Our many years of experience in development, custom manufacturing and sales can help you implement your business ideas at all stages of production preparation. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your product according to the latest trends and findings. We will advise you on the composition of your products so that they work and at the same time meet all the criteria of the inspection authorities.


Reconciliation of input parameters

After a thorough analysis, you can expect us to propose a solution for how your product could look. You will be interested in the recipe design, product design, legislative anchoring, price at different production volumes, availability of raw materials and possible production schedule.

Once we agree on these parameters, we can move forward and start to materialize your idea into first samples.


Production of first samples

If you have chosen a private label form of collaboration, it's time to  to give your product a concrete form and taste.

We will fine-tune the consistency, texture and prepare a range of possible flavours.

We will laboratory check the amount of micronutrients and functional substances and verify the microbial purity of the product.


If necessary, we will produce the required number of samples to provide initial feedback from your customers.



Now is the time to sit down together at the calendar and mark the deadline for the first delivery of your goods.

Next, determine the required production volumes, set minimum batches, or plan for staggered deliveries.

It is necessary to check the availability of all raw materials and packaging material, synchronize individual deliveries and divide tasks. The goal is to make sure that everything goes perfectly from a production perspective and that you can concentrate on preparing the shop itself.



The production itself is the core of our business.

We are only satisfied with 100% results and that is why we have set many

checkpoints during every part od developments process.

We physically check all incoming raw materials, the internal production software checks the correct weighing of the individual raw materials and their perfect mixing.

Of course, we monitor critical production points according to HACCP and keep detailed records of each production. The control system does not allow any defective product to be dispatched.


Everything is packed on pallets and ready to go to you.

Or will you also entrust us to handle your orders through fulfillment service ?

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