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about balanced nutrition


Balanced Nutrition is Czech food production company that provides comprehensive customer service and aims to offer optimal products tailored to customer demands and the manufacturing company's capabilities.

We develop and manufacture food products not only under our own brands but primarily focus on custom private label production. We create and manufacture premium foods, specialty nutritional products, and dietary supplements with a higher added value for users. In our products, we emphasize high nutritional density, concentrating on a high content of essential nutrients while minimizing unwanted substances such as allergens, colorants, preservatives, and other additives.

Thanks to our long-term development with research entities, we were the first to introduce READY TO EAT nutritional blends (purees, pastes, porridge) into the food market in popular spouted pouch packaging. Our unique processing technology allows us to fill pouches with high nutritional value (high protein content, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, etc.) without the need for preservatives, and they do not require refrigeration. We've enhanced healthy, balanced nutrition with nutrient-rich food that you can have on hand at all times. We launched this product line under our own brand of nutritional pastes, Pastee. Following the positive response from consumers, our pouches are available on the market under various brands, from low-carb versions to energy versions.

Our extensive experience in development, custom manufacturing, and sales can assist you in realizing your business ideas at all stages of production preparation. We offer consulting services, complete recipe formulation, cost calculation, production facilitation, and even fulfillment services. Our raw material suppliers are large multinational companies with the highest quality standards. We hold certificates of origin and quality for all raw materials and stay regularly informed about innovations in raw material processing and production through innovation days. We can guarantee an exceptional ratio of top-quality raw materials at the best possible price.

Together, we will find the most suitable solution for your product according to the latest trends and knowledge, provide guidance on product composition to ensure it functions while meeting all regulatory criteria. We will transform your ideas into real samples, from which you can choose your favorite. The proposed products and approved samples are subsequently manufactured in our own production facilities, approved according to applicable legislative regulations. We place great importance on the perfect cleanliness of all production and storage spaces and require high hygiene standards from all employees. Our audit team ensures exceptional quality.

Our mission

Balanced Nutrition's mission is to improve the availability of healthful foods and increase awareness of the critical impact of diet on quality and length of life.


Premium products

  • Development with doctors and experts in nutrition and food technology

  • keeping up with the latest science and trends in nutrition,

  • respect for the different nutritional needs of target groups,

  • emphasis on the highest quality of the ingredients used,

  • the quality of the content of the products at least equal to their marketing,

  • the usability and practicality of the products, as well as their packaging, with an emphasis on customer benefit.

Long-term partnerships

  • Creating and nurturing a community of loyal end customers,

  • long-term and strong partnerships with customers and suppliers,

  • always open, helpful and courteous communication,

  • building a team of satisfied employees in the spirit of a family business, hardworking, fairness, loyalty and directness within the company.

Innovative solutions

Finding and using appropriate:

  • Innovative/innovated packaging and raw materials

  • technologies for the environmentally friendly processing of raw materials

  • solutions in the field of production processes, company processes

  • promotion and distribution solutions

Sustainability of our activities

  • Compliance with all legislation in all our economic activities,

  • all commercial agreements and payment terms will be concluded in the interest of the long-term economic stability of the company,

  • working continuously to improve company processes leading to maximum efficiency in all activities,

  • responsible and competent management of all managers,

  • consistency between the personal and corporate values of the shareholders and all employees of the company.

A deeper meaning

  • All our products and supported activities are aimed at preventing civilisation diseases and promoting a healthy lifestyle,

  • positively influencing the quality of life of the population - our end customers,

  • marketing goes hand in hand with the company's mission,

  • finding environmentally friendly solutions,

  • emphasis on the joy of work.


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